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Using Socrates

This guide will help you to navigate the different features of our user interface, including how to create a question, vote on other's questions, and interact with other users.

Feature 1

Create a Pop Quiz

Tap the "+" button located at the bottom of the screen, then select Pop Quiz.

Access wallet @2x-1

You can choose between 1 vs 100 or 1 vs 1 battles, the following steps show the 1 vs 1 type.

Type your question and add options for additional answer choices.

(You are required to have a minimum of two options, and a maximum of four options)

Then select the correct answer below.

PopQuiz-Create Mockup@2x-3

Set the cost for participation, this can be any value between 0.1 and 10 points.

PopQuiz-Cost mockup@2x-1

Set the question's duration, which can be anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes.

PopQuiz-Validity mockup@2x

If desired, you can attach an image to your question as well.

Click "Create" and your Pop Quiz will be published.

Feature 2

Vote on other’s questions

To vote on an answer to a question, simple click on one of the available options.

PopQuiz-Unanswered mockup@2x

Check the answer and confirm by clicking ‘Submit’.

PopQuiz-Answer mockup@2x

See if you answer was the right one, easy!

PopQuiz-Answered mockup @2x

Feature 3

Create a Peak Duel

Tap the "+" button located at the bottom of the screen, then select Pop Quiz.

PeakDuel-Create mockup@2x

Type your debate topic and choose a side for the debate.

You can also add an initial comment or argument to start your debate with.

You can attach an image as well to your debate.

PeakDuel-Filled mockup@2x

Both the for and against sides need to contribute the same amount of points to the debate prize pool. After the debate ends, the winning side can share the points from the prize pool.

A debate consists of the Match and Debate stages, where the match stage can last for up to 2 days, excluding the validity period of the debate.

PeakDuel-cost mockup@2x
PeakDuel-validity mockup@2x

Once the duel has been created, it will be in the ‘Matching’ stage, waiting for someone to join the other side.

PeakDuel-Created mockup@2x

Once someone has joined the other side and contributed with points, the debate will start, enter the detailed view to see all the different arguments shared by the people debating the topic.

PeakDuel-Started mockup@2x

Once the debate is finished, you will see which side won.

PeakDuel-Ended mockup@2x

Feature 4

Interact with others

As in any social network, user’s interaction is a core part of our platform.

Tap on any user’s avatar image to open their profile view.

user-profile mockup@2x

Tap on the 'Follow' button to start following that user. Their content will then show up on your homepage.

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