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Pioneer and Genesis Pens

At least 1 Pen is needed to interact in the platform. This guide will help you understand the differences and uses of both types of Pen.

Pioneer Pens

What are they and how can you obtain them?

Pioneer Pens are ERC721 protocol, transferable Pens associated with a user's wallet address, where users can only multiple Pens per account.
There are 3 different levels for Pioneer Pens: Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced.


Pioneer Pens can be bought from your wallet view, tap on ‘Buy’ and then on ‘Pen’.
Once bought, your Pioneer Pen level will be displayed in your profile view.
You can trade your Pioneer Pen in the NFT marketplace within the app.

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Potential earnings

Pioneer Pen voting weight

Each level of Pioneer Pen has a specific voting weight coefficient, which is used in calculating potential rewards for participation.

The higher the level of Pioneer Pen, the higher rewards you are likely to receive from the prize pool.

Level Pioneer Pen price Voting weight
Introductory Marketplace value 1
Intermediate Marketplace value 10
Advanced Marketplace value 30



Genesis Pens

What are they and how can you obtain them?

Genesis Pens are ERC721 protocol that offer additional benefits such as the potential for higher rewards.

There are transferrable to other wallets, and only 30,000 are issued in total.


Genesis Pens can be obtained through Mystic Pen boxes (To be announced) or from secondary markets such as OpenSea.


Possessing Genesis Pens comes with numerous advantages, including the ability to earn higher rewards when you participate in questions, and access to exclusive airdrops, it comes with a voting power of 36.

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