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Socrates ambassador program

The Socrates Ambassador Program offers unique opportunities for all its participants. By taking part in our program, you can create materials and resources that will help grow the Socrates ecosystem and create opportunities for yourself within the web3 industry.

Apply by clicking the button below, fill in the form and we’ll get in touch.

Roles & Responsibilities


Each role will have different responsibilities depending on your expertise. However, first and foremost, all Ambassadors will be required to represent and promote the Socrates brand.

Mandatory requirements

All candidates must create their own Socrates account by downloading the app and purchasing at least an Introductory Pioneer Pen from our marketplace. This will be a mandatory requirement in the application for the Ambassador Program.

Moreover, all applicants must interact within the Socrates app every day to boost your chances of getting into the program. Applicants that create trending questions and those with a large prize pool will also receive additional incentives.


Orators & Speakers

These applicants will join in Socrates Debate events, host AMAs in various projects, and create buzz in different audio and media platforms to attract more users into the ecosystem.

Speakers will be expected to attend at least three (3) debates of Socrates and at least two (2) AMAs or Twitter Spaces to talk about Socrates.

Those who win debates will be delegated new tasks to further their candidacy for the Socrates Ambassador Program.


Community Advocates

Community advocates share information about Socrates in different communities and draw attention to the platform. You will also be assigned to assist in community moderation to foster genuine engagements, and will encourage meaningful conversations inside our Discord and Telegram channels.

Your number of relevant messages will be measured and must reach at least 200 at the end of each month. Holding at least 3 educational sessions per month about timely and relevant topics will also be recommended instead of the conversational measurement.

Additionally, Community Advocates must contribute by engaging in Socrates' social media platforms to share announcements and updates about the project.


Content Creators

These members will produce high quality content such as memes, articles, and infographics related to Socrates in the form of visual and/or audio. These materials will also be used to attract attention towards Socrates and provide insights on what the project is all about.

You must create at least six (6) resources containing positive information about Socrates or produce materials relating Socrates to trending topics in the space.


Country Delegates

Country Delegates will be responsible for organising their local communities and events to build connections for Socrates. They will also translate important announcements and details to their native languages and will contribute to the onboarding of people from their own countries into the Socrates community.

All announcements across all social media platforms of Socrates must be translated to their native languages and are also responsible in responding to inquiries made by their fellowmen.

Program Benefits & rewards


Ambassador Badge of Honour

Flaunt your ambassadors role across all our social media platforms.


50k USD monthly reward

Ambassadors will be evaluated based on their accomplished tasks. Each month, 50k USD will be shared between ambassadors including the rewards for creating amazing questions in the platform.


Exclusive communication

Successful applicants will be invited in our exclusive channels to strategise together with our team to enhance our activities and programs towards the success of Socrates.


Pioneer / Genesis Pen

Ambassadors who will excel in their own roles will be rewarded with Socrates' NFTs. These NFTs will allow the holders to have more voting power and higher rewards in the ecosystem. The Genesis Pens are currently valued at a hefty price.


Job opportunities

Ambassadors who will prove themselves worthy will have the chance to land an opportunity to work alongside our dedicated experts and amazing team.

Join our ambassador program now.

The Socrates Ambassador Program offers unique opportunities for all its participants.