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Our vision

To explore the power of technology to reshape the world and contribute to the exploration of a new human civilisation.

Socrates is a web3 application that combines Social-Fi and Game-Fi. It's named "Socrates" since it's based on the core concept of "multiple-choice questions without standard answers" and embodies the spirit of thinking and discussion.
The function of the Socrates product lies in inspiring individuals to engage in critical thinking on a range of issues. The product aims to counteract the biased and extreme viewpoints common in mainstream social media's approach to societal problems, and seeks to propel human society towards a more rational, inclusive, equal, and open direction. Furthermore, it harnesses collective wisdom to expand the boundaries of human thinking.
We aspire to showcase individuals' diverse perspectives, choices, and debates on different issues to the world. In doing so, we aim to promote mutual understanding and inclusivity amongst individuals, nationalities, and countries. We believe this will foster healthy competition and lasting peace in human society, thereby contributing to the exploration of new forms of civilisation for humanity.

Product positioning


Global web3 social media platform

Mission: Let the world see different options.

We are a global web3 social media and entertainment platform built on multiple blockchains.

Leveraging the potential of technology, Socrates provides a place where users can earn rewards by participating in multiple-choice questions and answers, freely expressing their ideas and engaging in meaningful debates.

As the world's first debate2earn platform, we're combining the best of Social-Fi and Game-Fi, we want to encourage people to share knowledge and learn new perspectives.


Empowering freedom of thought

In a digital age dominated by web2 social media and mainstream media who often direct human thoughts, Socrates plays an important role in empowering freedom of thought and combatting misinformation.

Utilising an innovative and intuitive UI, the platform allows anyone to openly debate and discuss any topic, including politics, sports, entertainment, and more.

Users can create multiple-choice questions in-app, allowing others to interact by answering, giving reasons and liking comments in order to share unique points of view.

Through this exchange of ideas, Socrates will create an informed, critical, and enlightened global community.


Rewards for interacting

The platform has created an innovative incentivised model whereby any interaction requires a contribution to the question's prize pool.

Potential rewards are then distributed once the question has closed depending on whether certain criteria have been fulfilled.

More popular questions are likely to become trending questions which may offer higher rewards for those participating.

Holder a higher level Pioneer Pen or Genesis Pen will likely ensure users receive higher rewards too.


Pop Quiz, our new fun feature

Pop Quiz — a more engaging and straightforward debate for users to earn rewards.

Now, creators can customise questions with 2–4 options and define their own answers. Participants have up to 5–30 minutes to choose an answer to a Pop Quiz question. Once the participant selects the answer, the correct answer is revealed instantly.

This intricate mechanism is designed to maintain the platform’s dynamism and engagement for all participants, combining elements of both the “Social” and “Fi” aspects to create a holistic and immersive experience for users.



Users can access the platform by using their email address to sign up and creating a Magic.Link wallet. They can then purchase points and Pens using USDT to start interacting with the platform.

The platform utilises blockchain technology in a bid to improve user experience, reduce spam, and offer the community increased transparency, privacy and control over their personal data.


Global decentralised organisational structure

Socrates is a global organisation with a unique decentralised structure that places our members at the core.

With over 200 members from leading fintech, web3 and crypto companies, the company thrives on diversity and expertise.

Empowered by our global community, we have considerable plans for expansion and hope to provide a platform that allows society to understand new and different ways of thinking across geographical boundaries and cultures.

To find out more about Socrates, please read our whitepaper or head to our user guides section.


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