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Let the world see different options

Socrates is a cutting-edge company at the intersection of social media and blockchain technology. We are dedicated to revolutionising the way people communicate and exchange ideas.


Unlock Your Voice,

Embrace Your Inner Socrates

Our platform is built on the principle of rewarding knowledge sharing and promoting dialogue, with a mission to engage dialogue and foster community.

  • Peak Duel is Socrates' cool new feature for timed debates, giving everyone a chance to dive into deep discussions about all sorts of topics. It's a great way for anyone in our community to start a debate or jump into one, sharing your thoughts and arguments whenever you feel like it. Filled with interesting subjects, unique takes, solid logic, and sharp responses, Socrates is like a kaleidoscope where you can view the real world. Cast your vote at any time for the debater you agree with, and earn rewards after the debate wraps up if your supported debater wins.

Earn Rewards for Interacting and Collect Exclusive NFTs

With robust privacy features and a transparent reward system, Socrates is redefining the social media experience for thinkers, debaters, and wisdom seekers everywhere. Join our awesome community to start acquiring NFTS that will bring your Socrates game to the next level.


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